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What the world needs now

The trouble with prison, even if you are only there for a short time, is that you lose trust in strangers. At Beechworth Correctional Centre there were only about 120 inmates. In a very short space of time you get used to seeing the same faces, you know who to talk to, who to wave or nod to, who to avoid.…

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The Eyes Have It

I could never look my dad in the eye when he was angry. We would sit at the kitchen table, or he would perch on the side of my bed, and I would stare at his mouth. I would watch the words form and push and escape. His mouth was bordered by a well-trimmed bread, speckled with black and grey…

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Have you ever simply got the wrong end of the stick?

Gwen “It’s been a tough weekend at our place”, Robin said, “Gwen has Cancer.” Shit, I thought, Which one of Robin’s kids is Gwen? I knew I only had about four seconds before I had to contribute something. In that time I wanted to show Robin what a good mate I was, by recalling something about his daughter Gwen. “All…

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Mr Ordinary Goes to Jail

How did Mr Ordinary Goes To Jail come about?

So much happened in my first three days of prison that I knew I would need to write it down to make sense of it.  So I started a diary. My diaries have always been written like a letter; I find that if I’m talking to someone it helps me get my thoughts out on paper. I found the process…

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